Welcome to the pages for our residents! On these pages you will find information on living in VAV homes, as well as answers to questions often asked by our residents. The section Living in our houses has information on rent payment, fire safety, keys, and other important matters related to your housing. The Taking care of your home section provides instructions and tips for cleaning, water usage, ventilation, and other practical matters related to your home. These pages also contain information on moving in or out of our apartments, and the instructions for terminating your rental agremeent, in case you wish to do so.

Living in our houses

In this section you will find more information on general housing issues, such as rent payment, fire safety and recycling. We will also advise you on possible problems and changes in your housing, if, for example, your home needs some repairs, or...
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Taking care of your home

At VAV we ensure that all our houses remain in good condition. It is also important for residents to take care of their apartments. The condition of your apartment should be observed on a regular basis. If you notice potential faults, defects or...
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