Taking care of your home

At VAV we ensure that all our houses remain in good condition. It is also important for residents to take care of their apartments. The condition of your apartment should be observed on a regular basis. If you notice potential faults, defects or damage, please inform on them as soon as possible. The easiest way to report on faults is via our OmaVAV-service.

In order to avoid further damage, it is important to notify the maintenance company immediately of damage in urgent need of repair, such as water damage, pipe leaks or drain blockages. You can also find the details of your maintenance company on the noticeboard of your building.

Most faults, defects and damage in your apartment will be repaired by the maintenance company. If the work requires the use of an authorised specialist company, the maintenance company will forward the request to them. Please remember that the resident is liable for all damage caused intentionally, through negligence or by neglecting their duty to report.