Tenant counselling and community mediation

Tenant counselling

VAV’s tenant counselling is for VAV’s residents only. Tenant counselling refers to guidance related to personal finances and living, problem solving, and safeguarding continuity of residency. The goal of tenant counselling is to reach those in need of support and help them to find the relevant services.

Tenant counselling serves VAV’s residents flexibly and promptly via phone, email, and in personal meetings. Contact information.

If you cannot reach a tenant counsellor during service hours, you can leave a call-back request via the telephone system. Based on your call-back request, the counsellor will call you back during service hours. At other times, you can send a message to tenant counselling via OmaVAV.

Community mediation

Founded in January 2015, the Community Mediation Centre is a partner of VAV. The aim of the centre is to prevent and mediate residency and neighbourhood conflicts. Community mediation aims to prevent and resolve disturbances and difficult or conflicted situations, e.g. disturbing behaviour, the use of common areas, conflicts between two or more neighbours, tenant committee conflicts, trust issues between tenants and the estate manager, as well as ethnic or cultural conflicts.

The Community Mediation Centre provides free consultation on how to act in situations such as those mentioned above. You can request consultation by telephone or e-mail, or on Facebook. You can find the contact information and further information on the Community Mediation Centre’s homepage or find them on Facebook.