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Pleasant homes in Vantaa


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OmaVAV is an online service our tenants that enables you to keep an eye on your rent payments, contact VAV, report potential problems, etc. OmaVAV provides all the key information on your tenancy in a single, easily accessible service. You can...
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Living in our houses

In this section you will find more information on general housing issues, such as rent payment, fire safety and...
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Mayor on her home ground

Vantaa’s new Mayor Ritva Viljanen moved to Vantaa 36 years ago and lives now in Rajakylä. She enjoys the many faces of Vantaa, its interesting culture and nature, which is always close by.

Walking around, she is drawn by buildings and their architecture and sees interesting stories around her.

“Vantaa’s centers have their own characters, telling a lot about how things are today but also about the years they were built. I’m also delighted by finding art in unexpected places.”

Viljanen describes Vantaa as ’an old soul.’

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