Lähes tyhjä munakenno.

Tips on recycling

Biodegradable plastic bags, paper bags, and biowaste bags made from newspaper often get soggy and leak fluids that build up at the bottom of the container.  The problem can be solved with egg cartons – they can absorb a lot of moisture. Rip an egg carton into pieces and place them at the bottom of the bag. Even so, remember to take out the biowaste often enough to avoid any unpleasant smells.

Often you only have bins for mixed waste and biowaste in your kitchen, making it harder to sort other waste for recycling. Use your imagination to make it easier: You can hide e.g. paperboard, metal, and plastic waste in a pretty woven basket with a lid. Small jars can be used to store batteries, light bulbs, or out-of-date medications to wait for the next trip to a recycling point.