Conditions for renting

The criteria for renting out apartments

The process of renting a state-subsidised apartment is based on means tests, and on the tenant selection guidelines of The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA). The aim is to allot apartments to applicants who need them the most. Precedence is given to those with the most urgent need for an apartment, with the lowest wealth, and with the lowest income. Our apartments are only rented out to applicants who are 18 or older.

Upper limits for wealth in Vantaa

Upper limits for the applicant’s wealth apply to state-subsidised rental apartments. Such apartments can only be rented to applicants whose wealth stays under the limit. Wealth is counted by adding up the individual wealth of each member of the household applying for an apartment.


Household size Wealth limit
1 52 000 €
2 65 000 €
3 86 000 €
4 96 000 €


If the applicant household is larger than four persons, the upper limit for wealth is raised by 10 000 euros for each additional person.

Credit ratings and unpaid rent

The credit details of all housing applicants will be checked in Suomen Asiakastieto Oy’s credit register before an apartment offer is made. Poor credit ratings are not an obstacle to renting an apartment if the entries are minor, or if on the basis of the applicant’s payment history it can be judged that the applicant has not repeatedly missed payments.

Apartments will not be offered to people who have unmanaged rent debts. The applicant must voluntarily provide VAV with evidence from the landlord of rent debts paid either when submitting the application or as soon as possible thereafter. Alternatively, the applicant may submit a payment plan drawn up with a reliable body (e.g. a debt advisor from the social services department) to manage his or her debts. Payment plans will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Population Register information

If the home address for any of the applicants in the Finnish Population Register Centre has changed after submitting the application, we assume that the applicant has either found an apartment through other means, or that matters affecting the application have changed. In such a case, you can continue applying for an apartment by renewing your application so that the information in it matches your current situation.