Rental agreement and deposit

Rental agreement

After you have agreed to rent the apartment offered to you, the rental agreement will be signed at the office of VAV. Your spouse or any other adult moving in as an equal tenant must also sign the agreement, either personally or with a power of attorney. You must also bring a receipt to prove that the deposit has been paid. Prepare to prove your identity with a valid ID.

Further instructions on paying the deposit and signing the rental agreement will be given to you when we offer you an apartment.

Handing over an apartment on a temporary basis is not allowed without a written permission from VAV. You can read more about the subject here.


The deposit is a monetary guarantee tied to the apartment. It is intended to cover the condition of the apartment, the rent, and other possible payments related to the tenancy.

The deposit will be returned to the tenant after the tenancy has ended, provided that all the apartment keys have been returned, that the apartment is in acceptable condition and has been cleaned, and that the rent and other possible payments have been paid.

The size of the deposit is determined by the number of the rooms in the apartment, in the following manner:


Number of rooms Deposit
1 -2 + kitchen(ette) 500 € (if Kela pays, 1.200 €)
3 + kitchen(ette) and larger 600 € (if Kela pays, 1.200 €)

Payment defaults in the credit reference can affect the size of the deposit. The exact sum will be included in the offer sent to the applicant.

Deposit for VAV Group’s non-subsidised rental apartments

Deposit for VAV Group’s non-subsidised rental apartments is 250 €.