Cookie policy for VAV Group’s online services

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a web browser saves on users’ devices when they use online services. Cookies can include an anonymous unique identifier, which allows different users’ browsers to be differentiated from one another, as well as making it possible to determine whether a user has previously visited the same online service with the browser in question.

The use of cookies and other similar technologies is a normal practice in modern online services, and it does not damage users’ devices or files. Every online service adds their own cookies to users’ devices, and different online services cannot read cookies added by other services.

What is the purpose of cookies?

On VAV Group’s website and in tenant services, cookies are only used to provide functions of VAV’s website and online services, and to compile statistics on the number of users.

Cookies are needed to ensure a smooth user experience and to show messages to users in online services.

The purpose of cookies is to develop the aforementioned functions of online services and to improve the user experience.

We use Google Analytics tools on our website to identify users for compiling statistics on the number of users. These statistics indicate what functions are used the most in VAV’s online services and how the services should be developed to meet the needs of VAV’s customers.

VAV does not disclose information obtained from functional cookies to third parties.

VAV does not use technologies from third parties, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube, to compile statistics on the use of online services or to provide functions. Furthermore, third parties do not collect information about users visiting VAV’s online services. VAV does not use cookies to target content or advertisements.

Clearing and disabling cookies

Users can clear any cookies saved by our online services from their browser or disable cookies altogether. As different functions in VAV’s online services use cookies, VAV cannot guarantee the full functionality of its services if cookies are disabled.

Updated on 20 March 2020