Fire safety

Fire alarm

A fire alarm is a statutory requirement in every residential apartment. It is extremely recommended that a fire alarm is fitted in every bedroom and in the hall. The tenant is responsible for buying a fire alarm and ensuring that it is in working order.

According to a decree which entered into force in April 2009, every 60 square metres of each floor should have at least one fire alarm. It is a good idea to regularly check that your fire alarm is working. The battery should be replaced once a year. A good way of remembering this is to do it on the 11th of February as the date, 11.2, is the same as the emergency services number.

Check your fire alarm:

  • Fit your fire alarm on the ceiling about half a metre away from the wall.
  • Test your fire alarm regularly, at least once a month.
  • Replace the battery immediately if the fire alarm starts to beep.
  • Change the battery at least once a year.
  • Remember spare batteries.
  • Replace your fire alarm if it stops working.

A fire alarm connected to the mains

In VAV’s properties built from 2010 onwards, all apartments have fire alarms connected to the mains. If you are not certain about the year in which your building was built, you can check this on VAV’s talosivut page or ask your property manager. However, fire alarms connected to the mains also include a battery, which ensures the operation of the fire alarm in the case of a power cut. As with normal fire alarms, the resident must change the battery in alarms connected to the mains and regularly test the operation of the device.

Fire alarms connected to the mains are equipped with a test button for testing the functioning of the device’s alarm signal. Such a test should be conducted once a month. Unlike separate fire alarms, the battery in an alarm connected to the mains usually lasts several years. When the battery is running low, the fire alarm gives a recurring beep.

Because the fire alarm is connected to the mains, the power must be cut before changing the battery.

Instructions on how to change the battery of a fire alarm connected to the mains.

1. Switch off the main power switch of your apartment or turn the protective circuit switch labelled palovaroitin (“fire alarm”).


2. Release the retaining clip and turn anticlockwise.


3. Remove the plug.


4. Remove the cover of the battery compartment and replace the battery.


5. Align the groove with the notch and turn clockwise.


Rescue plan

A dedicated rescue plan (in Finnish) has been drawn up for each VAV property. The plan describes the safety arrangements of the property and provides instructions on how to act in case of a fire or other emergencies. You will find the rescue plan of your building (in Finnish) on VAV’s talosivut page. The electronic rescue plan on the site will enable you to send your observations regarding the safety of your building to VAV.