Internet and cable television

You have access to 20 Mbps free DNA Netti broadband provided by DNA

To activate broadband for your home, visit nearest DNA Kauppa store,
call DNA customer service at +358 44 144 044 or go to When activating, you can also subscribe for a faster Internet access and
versatile TV services offered by DNA, read more:

Your home has access to all DNA cable TV channels

DNA cable TV brings you basic channels like YLE, MTV3, Nelonen and many other TV channels. Basic channels are available without a TV card.
To access DNA TV services, simply do as follows:
1. You will need a cablecompatible (Cable Ready HD or DVB-C) TV or set-top box or the DNA TV Hubi.
2. Perform a channel search, in other words tune the TV, set-top box or TV Hubi. See your device’s user guide for instructions.
To learn more about broadband and TV services, visit and or visit your nearest DNA Kauppa store.

Satellite dish

You can install a satellite dish on your balcony, if you so wish. Before installing the dish you must consult with your property manager. The dish needs to be installed so that it is inside the balcony walls, as well as possible balcony glass panels. You also need to ensure that installing the dish doesn’t damage the structure of the building.

If a satellite dish is installed incorrectly, or it disturbs its surroundings, VAV can demand for it to moved elsewhere or removed. The tenant is responsible for buying the dish as well as paying any maintenance costs.