Keys and locks

You should keep the keys to your apartment safe. When leaving home, double-lock your door or use the safety lock, if the door to your apartment is equipped with one. You should not store valuables in the basement or loft spaces of the property, or in the outdoor storage.

If you forget your key

If you forget or lose your key, please contact the maintenance company immediately. The maintenance company will only open the door on behalf of an occupant registered as living in the apartment. The maintenance company will charge the occupant a fee for opening the door. If the door is opened on a weekday between 8 am–4 pm, the fee is 30 euros. At other times, the fee is 60 euros.

Lost keys

The loss of a key results in the rekeying of the locks in every case. A key in the wrong hands could lead to unfortunate consequences. If your key is lost, please contact the maintenance company without delay.

When moving out of your apartment, always return the keys to the maintenance company in person. The maintenance company will verify the number of keys that have been handed out and returned, the signature, and the authenticity of the keys.

The occupant will be charged for the potential rekeying of locks.

ILOQ locks

ILOQ is an electronic locking system, which enables flexible and safe access control in high security level properties, such as residential buildings. All of VAV’s new properties have been equipped with ILOQ locks since 2014. In addition, the iLOQ system was installed in some older properties during the change of locks.

When you sign your tenancy agreement, you will receive the ILOQ instructions, which can also be found here.

Spyholes, safety locks and safety chains

If you want, you can have a spyhole, safety lock or safety chain fitted to your door at your own expense. Because these additional devices are permanent fittings, their installation always leaves marks. When acquiring any of the above-mentioned devices, please bear in mind that if you move out of the apartment, you must leave the devices behind. You must also always provide the maintenance company of your residential property with the key for any additional safety lock, to ensure entry to the apartment in case of an emergency.