Laundry room, drying room, and common sauna

Laundry room

Instructions for use of the laundry room and its times of use are on the laundry room wall. The laundry room can be booked by entering bookings in a book or using a key system. Please use the time you have booked. Familiarise yourself with the instructions for using the washing machines.

Rugs may only be washed in the separate washing machine for rugs. The ordinary washing machines in the laundry room cannot withstand the weight of wet rugs. Do not put underwired bras in the washing machine unless they are in a laundry bag.

Drying room

The drying room is primarily intended for people using the building’s laundry room. The blower is usually on from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The heated blower may not be used during the night. Rugs may not be dried in the drying room.

If the drying room is free, it is recommended that laundry washed at home is also dried there. Dried washing must be removed as soon as possible to free space for the next user. The tumble dryer may also be used to dry clothes washed at home on the same terms as for the drying room.

Common sauna

Sauna times for the common sauna can be booked through the maintenance company.

Leave the sauna clean and tidy after use, as you would wish to find it at the start of your turn. You provide your own bench towel. Pets may not be taken into the sauna. Plastic toys may not be taken into the steam room.

The sauna for the building has a centralised mechanical ventilation system. Adjusting the ventilation system is the job of a professional.

Rinsing the steam room and the benches with the shower before or after your sauna will reduce the lifetime of the timber and in the worst case can cause the wood to rot or cause mould damage. Make sure that no water gets into the changing room.

You may not dye your hair in the sauna. Hair dye sticks to the sauna benches and other timber structures. It is impossible to remove.

Remember to turn out the lights and shut the doors when you leave.