Balcony and garden


For common comfort, it is important that each tenant keep their balcony tidy in both the summer and winter. Please do not wash your balcony with running water, or use it for dusting carpets or bedclothes. You should never leave your rubbish out on the balcony. You can barbecue on your balcony using an electric BBQ; however, the use of a gas or charcoal BBQ is not allowed. You can use an electric or gas BBQ on the patio, i.e. the ground-level balcony. Use of charcoal or lighting liquid is not allowed on balconies or patios.

If clotheslines are used, they should be positioned so that they cannot be seen from the garden or the street. Please do not hang anything over the balcony railings.

You can dust carpets and bedclothes in the designated areas on working days. Dusting should be done at a time when it does not cause an excessive disturbance for other residents.


For mutual comfort, it is important that each tenant look after the garden linked to their apartment, as well as the green area in the entrance yard of the apartment bordering the property’s access road, and helps to keep them clean in winter and summer. The real property will take care of cutting the hedges. If you wish, you can plant pot plants in the garden. The grass should be cut at least once a week in May-October. Residents are also in charge of weeding around bushes, trees and structures. It is important to keep the access ways leading to gardens clear.

Please do not remove any structures or plants belonging to the property. If a tenant neglects their duty to care of the garden despite receiving a warning on the issue, the landlord has the right to have the work carried out by a property management company and charge the tenant for the resulting costs.

You can find instructions on taking care of the garden here [LINK].

Satellite disk

Residents have the option of having a satellite disk installed on their balcony. However, this must be agreed with the property manager in advance. The disk should be placed inside the walls and potential glazing of the balcony, without damaging the property’s structures. If a satellite disk is incorrectly installed or thought to disturb the surroundings, VAV may request that the disk be moved or removed. The resident is liable for the satellite disk’s purchase, repair and maintenance costs.