You can tighten, adjust and oil the hinges and handles of the fixtures in your apartment during your residency. However, if you notice a fault in the fixtures, such as a cupboard, interior door, handles, pulls, shelves, shelf fittings, coat racks, etc., submit a fault report to the maintenance company of your building. Please remember that the resident is liable for all damage caused intentionally, through negligence or by neglecting the duty to report.

The walk-in closets have basic fittings. You can buy additional baskets, shelf bars, etc., yourself. Please note than if you fix permanent additional fittings in your walk-in closet, you should leave them in place if you move out.

Draining cupboard wire trays

Every now and then, you should keep an eye on the condition of the draining cupboard wire trays. Trays that are in bad condition or rusty can be replaced by the maintenance company. You should also pay attention to the brackets because, if they collapse, the dishes stored on the shelf may break. Report all faults or defects in the wire trays that you notice to the maintenance company of your building.