Household appliances

Please clean your stove and oven on a regular basis, to ensure their proper operation.

You should defrost your refrigerator and freezer 2-6 times a year and always when required. Also remember to check your refrigerator’s drain pipe to prevent blockages. You should carefully clean the back of your refrigerator, freezer and stove from time to time, by moving the furniture out of the way. Careful maintenance of household appliances will increase their service life and reduce electricity consumption. Contact the maintenance company if you notice a fault in your appliances.

Cleaning your appliances

The cleaning of household appliances during residency is the resident’s responsibility. By carefully cleaning appliances, you can improve their durability and ensure that foodstuff is stored and heated properly. You will find instructions and tips on issues such as the cleaning of the stove, oven, refrigerator and freezer on a number of websites.

If water accumulates inside the refrigerator

There is a water discharge slot at the back of the refrigerator. On the bottom of the melting trough there is an outlet, which may be blocked by debris. If the outlet is blocked, waste water will start to gather inside the refrigerator and on the shelves. If this is the case, clean the outlet carefully using a Q-tip, for example. If the problem continues after cleaning, it may be that the block is deeper and a specialist company is required to fix it. In such a case, report the problem to your building’s maintenance company.

If the oven light does not work

Changing light bulbs during residency is the resident’s responsibility. If the light does not work, you should carefully replace the light bulb. Remove the old light bulb before buying a new one, to ensure that the new light bulb is compatible with the device. If you are unable to replace the light bulb on your own, contact your building’s maintenance company.


You can extend the operating life of your freezer by defrosting it on a regular basis. You should defrost your freezer during the winter, so that you can store frozen food on your balcony, for example, during the defrosting process. Defrosting is more successful when you take your time over it. Please do not use sharp objects to remove ice that has accumulated inside your freezer, because this may damage the freezing system. Take care to prevent melting water from entering the floor or structures. A defrosting device should not be left unattended.

If the refrigerator is noisy

The noisiness of new refrigerators may be due to the refrigerating brine, which is much more environmentally friendly than before. However, the noise level should not exceed 40 dB.

In some cases, the noise emitted by the refrigerator may be a sign of a broken compressor, which needs to be repaired by a specialist.

If you think that your refrigerator is making too much noise, let your building’s maintenance company know. The real estate manager will come and check the device and, if necessary, consult the property manager. Unfortunately, a noisy device is not sufficient grounds for replacing the product.