Pest control

From time to time, unwanted guests may end up or appear in your home. Ants may appear in ground-level apartments in spring, you can see fish moths in your bathroom at night, or there may be altogether more unpleasant guests, such as bedbugs, which may cause bites on your skin.

If you spot pests in your apartment, stop to think whether there is something you can do to get rid of them. Not all insects are dangerous and there may be no reason to get rid of them. You can find ample advice on the Internet regarding DIY pest control.

You can get rid of fish moths by keeping your home clean and dry and by cleaning drains and drain traps on a regular basis. If these tricks do not help, you can try pouring hot water with a splash of vinegar into the drain. Food pests, like the saw-toothed grain beetle, could enter your home with your groceries. In most cases, all it takes to get rid of the saw-toothed grain beetle is to dispose of the contaminated food.

If you find or suspect that there are bedbugs in your home, contact your building’s maintenance company immediately. Bedbugs spread quickly and may create the need for major measures in buildings, so it is important to act quickly.