Well-functioning ventilation ensures a fresh air supply to your apartment. The purpose of ventilation is to remove impurities arising from normal, everyday activities and bring in fresh replacement air from outside. Ventilation works in such a manner that bad air is transported out, primarily through the kitchen, bathroom and walk-in closet. Fresh replacement air enters the apartment through the living room and bedrooms.

In order for ventilation to work properly, equipment must be correctly used and regularly maintained and cleaned, and the air shaft system of the whole building must be cleaned and adjusted. Air quality can be improved on a temporary basis by airing the apartment for a few minutes. A draught is the most efficient method. However, windows and doors waste heat when left open for a long time.

Good to know:

  • Replacement air enters the apartment either through fresh air vents in the outer walls, or through window frame air valves.
  • The occupant cannot adjust the installation position of air vents. Most of our residential buildings are equipped with an extraction system, which is timed in such a manner that the system works at full power for part of the day and at half power for the other part. Residents cannot affect the running times of the extraction system. This also means that there is no option to adjust extractor hoods.
  • Please do not block the replacement air valves or exhaust air valves under any circumstances.
  • You can test the functionality and suction of the ventilation system by placing a sheet of paper, for instance, over the bathroom exhaust air valve.
  • Valves should be regularly cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or mild detergent. It is the resident’s responsibility to clean the valves during residency.
  • The extractor hood’s grease filter should be cleaned once a month, by soaking it in hot water with detergent and then rinsing and drying it. Cleaning it during residency is the resident’s responsibility. If the grease filter is in poor condition and you cannot clean it on your own, please notify the maintenance company.
  • Please do not leave a window open for a long time in the bathroom, toilet or sauna during cold or humid weather, as this increases the humidity of indoor air, damaging the structures.
  • If the apartment includes a drying room or you have the opportunity to dry your laundry outside, these options are recommended when drying large quantities of laundry. This will protect your bathroom from excessive humidity. If you identify any shortcomings in ventilation, contact the maintenance company.
  • Air shafts are cleaned and adjusted by VAV approximately every 7 years.
  • If your apartment includes its own AC machine, the maintenance company is in charge of changing the filters twice a year