Applying for an apartment

If you are interested in our reasonably priced rental homes, fill out an apartment application. We rent out all the vacant apartments based on the applications we have received.

Filling out an application

The VAV Group owns and rents ARA-funded housing and non-funded rental housing. Find out more about the rental conditions of our apartments.

Fill out and submit our online application. Unfortunately the application form is available only in Finnish.

We rent out apartments based on the information provided in the application, so please fill out the application with care. Only applicants who are 18 or older can rent an apartment from us.

When you apply for an ARA-subsidised rental dwelling, you must include information on your income, assets and debts and those of any family you are moving in with. Please note: in the online application you need to round all figures in euros to full euros (for example 500,50 would be 501).

You will receive an acknowledgement of your application by email. If you do not have an email address, please contact our customer service.

The application is valid for four months. If we haven’t been able to offer an apartment that meets your criteria in four months, you can continue applying by renewing your application.

Submission of annexes

If you wish, you can attach the requested annexes directly to the last page of the application. If necessary, we will ask for additional explanations.

Fill out an application

Changing and renewing your application

After you have submitted an application, you can change the information on it, renew or delete the application. In order to do so you must identify yourself in the service with your online banking codes. The identification process is done through a secure connection.

If you do not have online banking codes, you can renew your application by filling out a new application, This automatically replaces the previous application.

The credit details of all applicants 18 or over are checked from credit register before we make an offer for an apartment. We will also check all of the applicants’ information in the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Read more about the conditions for renting an apartment, about the upper limits for wealth, and how the credit details and population register information may affect the application.

We cannot estimate how long you may have to wait for an apartment. We can only offer apartments at the rate they become vacant.

Renew your application