Moving in

VAV’s housing manager always inspects a flat when the previous tenant moves out. However, you are advised to inspect the flat and the condition of the fittings immediately after moving in. Please log any faults or defects you note on the residence inspection form that you received when you signed your tenancy agreement. You should keep your part of the inspection form and return the other part to the property manager.

All of the occupants listed by you in your housing application will be automatically saved in the register of occupants when you move in. Should the number of your family members change during your occupancy, notify the maintenance company immediately. Please remember that only a contracting party to the tenancy agreement can update the occupant details.

Mover’s to do list:

  • Submit a notification of move to your Local Register Office. You can obtain a form from your Local Register Office or the post office.
  • You can also submit the notification of move online:
  • Go to the post office and sign an agreement for the redirection of your mail to your new address.
  • Sign an electricity agreement with an electricity company.
  • Contact your service provider to transfer your Internet connection and subscription.
  • Give your new address to your friends and family.
  • Remember home insurance.