Parking and traffic

If you have a car and need a permanent parking space, please contact your building’s maintenance company. If there are free parking spaces in the yard of the house, you can lease a space via the maintenance company. The parking spaces are subject to a charge. You can also contact the maintenance company regarding a parking space with a block heater pole.

Good to remember:

  • The cover of the electrical outlet on the pole must not be left open.
  • You should not leave cables hanging from the pole.
  • Each autumn, before the winter, you should check that the block heater pole and its lock work.
  • If you notice that the pole does not work properly, notify the maintenance company.
  • If you have rented a parking space, it is your responsibility to keep the space clean and clear of snow.
  • With regard to spaces with a block heater pole, the person renting the space is also in charge of changing the fuses, if the pole is equipped with traditional replaceable fuses. If the pole is equipped with automatic fuses, you should report any faults in them to the maintenance company.

The parking lot also includes a few visitor spaces for short-term use by residents’ guests.

Residents are only allowed to park in their own designated parking spaces. Unauthorised use of a guest space or parking elsewhere in the yard area will result in a parking ticket.

The parking spaces are intended exclusively for cars, vans, estate cars or motorcycles. Parking larger vehicles, such as lorries or caravans, in the parking spaces is forbidden. Playing and games in the parking area are strictly forbidden. Parents are liable for any potential damage caused to vehicles by their children.

Storing wrecked vehicles in the yards or parking areas is forbidden. The owner of such a vehicle is always liable for the cost of towing it away.

Yard traffic

Vehicular traffic is forbidden in the pathways, with the exception of necessary alarm and maintenance traffic. Incorrectly parked cars can make snow ploughing and sanding difficult in winter time. Residents are only allowed to drive or park in the yard area for loading and unloading purposes. If, for some reason, you have to drive in the yard area, you must take extra care and keep your speed low because children may be playing in the area.

Breaking the parking rules indicated by the traffic signs in the yard is a punishable act, which will be reported to a parking attendant.